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Online Degrees Present Opportunities for Unique Professors

Online Degrees Present Opportunities for Unique Professors

Saturday, Sep, 30, 2017 02:57PM

Not only do college programs online open doors for non-traditional students, but some of these offerings are also providing distinctive opportunities for professors with disabilities.

At a university based in North Carolina, some of its faculty are able to teach in new ways while educating their online students. A professor at this institution who is deaf is able to use the program to connect with students like never before, with some of them not even aware of his disability.

Another professor has limited mobility due to physical impairments. She can teach her students though online coursework without having to leave her home or tackle a campus that is difficult to navigate.

According to the institution's website, many of these unique professors teach a variety of online degrees offered by the school. For example, students can obtain a bachelor's in business administration or nursing exclusively online. These types of offerings which are available through an accredited college over the internet can allow students in various parts of the country complete their degrees without having to reside near campus.

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