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Online University grants Scholarships to Students Making a Difference

Online University grants Scholarships to Students Making a Difference

Wednesday, Oct, 4, 2017 12:02PM

As many colleges throughout the nation enjoy continual success from their college programs online, several are offering discounts and scholarships to potential students who would like to obtain their degrees in a non-traditional way. For example, an accredited school based in Minnesota recently announced that it awarded nine individuals who will use the funds for future degrees at the institutions and towards charitable donations.

The school held an online contest, encouraging people to submit YouTube videos on how they and others were making a positive impact on their communities, through education or in public service. Winners were selected by viewer vote, and they received either a $10,000 scholarship or the same amount to be given to a charity of their choice. Some winners are already enrolled in the school, including one student who is pursuing her PhD in education.

According to the university’s website, this establishment provides its students with a wide array of offerings to obtain their bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Some of the programs include allowing registered nurses (RNs) to complete their bachelor’s of science degrees (BSN) in nursing exclusively online.

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