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Universities Offer High-Tech Learning

Universities Offer High-Tech Learning

Saturday, Oct, 21, 2017 03:31PM

Two universities that offer online education are taking things to the next level with iPad and Android-tablet applications that let students, like those earning a general business degree online, access their online classrooms while on the go. Students now have coursework, classroom dialogues, university news, instructor help and student services at their fingertips.

The applications were engineered by Bridgeport Education, based on its learning resources and publishing department, as well as its business technology services. They support multiple presentations of data while running other apps.

Bridgeport said the lessons were created by developers who have experience in comprehensive app design. The developers had ample input from students and faculty who took part in surveys about what they value in applications. More than 800 universities have active iTunes U sites, Apple said.

"In the Beyond Campus section, you can tour some of the world’s most famous museums or brush up on your leadership skills," the technology company said. "Students and faculty can access a wealth of content from distinguished entities such as MoMA, the New York Public Library, Public Radio International and PBS stations." 

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