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Institution Expands Accounting Program Throughout Minnesota

Institution Expands Accounting Program Throughout Minnesota

Tuesday, Jan, 30, 2018 06:09PM

A private university with locations in five states as well as a big online presence recently announced an expansion that would benefit students in an online accounting degree program or studying for an online degree in finance. The university's public accounting degree program now will be offered at its eight locations in Minnesota.

"This unique program has already seen tremendous success at our Wisconsin and Florida campus locations, providing students with the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to pursue fulfilling, rewarding careers in the public, private and government sector," said Kathy Heldman, director of the university's school of business. "We're ... excited about helping to open new doors of opportunity for students with a proven program that gets them into the workforce and practicing their new career more quickly than the traditional route."

The expansion will help meet the growing demand for accountants in the United States. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said more than 279,000 new positions will be created by 2018.

Besides earning CPA licensure, the university said students in the program learn effective client communication skills, analytical and creative problem-solving tactics, and leadership.

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