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Small Business Summit to Educate Owners

Small Business Summit to Educate Owners

Sunday, Feb, 18, 2018 05:06PM

Most businesses in the United States are struggling with the stagnant economy. Small businesses are facing even tougher conditions than most companies, as their limited resources make them more susceptible to damaging interruptions, such as those stemming from natural disasters and worker shortages.

To help with the difficulties, those who earn a business administration degree or general business degree online have many resources to turn to. Such owners in the New York City area can attend the Small Business Authority division Newtek Business Services' seventh annual Small Business Summit on March 6 at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Speakers will address everything from cloud computing and social media to customer service and upcoming trends.

"This summit gives us a further opportunity to connect with our existing clientele as well as meet new business owners to help them grow their sales, reduce their costs and reduce their risks of doing business," Newtek President and CEO Barry Sloane said. "It also allows us to exchange new ideas and information with those in the know and those on the edge of new business formation as well as product innovation. I hope to see many existing and new customers at our booth during the day."

However, with proper education and advice, the small business climate in the country has improved recently, hitting highs not seen since before the economic collapse of 2008.

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