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New Program Combines Innovation with Business

New Program Combines Innovation with Business

Friday, Jun, 15, 2018 06:59PM

With the constantly shifting business climate, some universities are adapting their business administration degree to encourage entrepreneurs to be innovative in technology. A new program was introduced at a university in Michigan that is targeted at current and aspiring inventors.

The new program mixes two disciplines to provide a vast range of skills in business and technology that are necessary for individuals to commercialize their inventions. With the growing popularity of computer science and engineering degrees, the new program is said to fill the void between the two industries that could help improve research and give students the ability to recognize opportunities.

"We're training scientists and engineers to identify opportunities, because they are the ones at the lab bench when discoveries happen. We hope to help capture more commercialization opportunities that might have otherwise been missed, thus empowering our engineers and scientists," Aileen Huang-Saad, the program's co-director and associate director of academic programs at the university said.

This new program allows students to apply knowledge they are learning to work they complete with real technologies giving them the ability to compete with large companies that have an abundance of resources that are usually unavailable to startups.

Similarly, it educates on techniques that companies often utilize, such as working backwards. Much of the curriculum in a traditional engineering program focuses on finding a problem and developing technology to solve the issue. This curriculum starts with the technology and students need to find what issue it can solve. Educators are hopeful that this will help get students out of their comfort zones, encouraging future success.

For students that are interested in a general business degree online, there are growing opportunities that can benefit busy individuals. These types of programs offer flexibility with the same results that others find in the classroom. Similarly, many online programs receive just as much praise as traditional institutes.

Other benefits of an online degree is that students will likely have a better understanding of concepts of globalization. Having an education at home gives people the opportunity to gain more knowledge in specific areas they enjoy. Learning online gives students a better chance of connecting with people around the country and world that isn’t possible in a classroom. Business professionals can greatly benefit from this to help with innovation and branding. 

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