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Latest master's program introduced by accredited university

Latest master's program introduced by accredited university

Tuesday, Oct, 8, 2019 04:00PM

Across the country, institutions are constantly reinventing and transforming degree programs to best suit the needs of students who require the flexibility of online coursework. Recently, an accredited university based in Iowa introduced additional online programs to its repertoire of degree tracks. The institution will now have three psychology certificate offerings and a master of science in educational psychology.

The master's degree will integrate training methods that students can use towards a career centered on counseling young children and adults or a position in a research environment. Some of the jobs that may be obtained with this course of study are psychometricians or educational administrators.

Certificate programs may be taken after a bachelor's or master's degree is already completed. For example, the graduate certificate in addictions allows students to gain further information about counseling and treatment techniques that can be used for patients who are struggling with substance abuse.

According to the school's website, other bachelor's and master's-level college programs online that can be taken by students at the school include criminal justice, information technology and business administration.

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