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Art college in Michigan introduces part-time master's degree programs

Art college in Michigan introduces part-time master's degree programs

Thursday, Mar, 23, 2017 05:10PM

A Michigan-based school recently announced the launch of its new part-time master's degree programs in art design as part of the institution's efforts to cater to working professionals.

School officials said that the graduate-level curriculum, which was introduced two years ago, is now available to scholars who have other daily commitments, but who still wish to pursue higher education that can lead them to their dream careers. The part-time programs are available for bachelor's degree holders who are interested in designing industries, such as advertising, graphic or transportation.

The institution has partnered with a Michigan-based business school in order to expose students to the leadership skills that are needed to thrive in certain design-related positions. Part-time scholars can take classes on evenings and weekends.

Individuals who cannot commit to a full-time course schedule may consider enrolling in online master's degree programs. Some aspiring design professionals can also benefit from part-time project management training courses.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the number of job opportunities for graphic designers will increase by 13 percent over the next eight years. The growing demand for interactive media on websites and mobile phones is expected to create new jobs in this field, according to the BLS.

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