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Online MBA program adds two concentrations

Online MBA program adds two concentrations

Friday, May, 12, 2017 02:01PM

An online school recently announced that is has added healthcare and global business concentrations to its Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) program.

Students now have the opportunity to choose one of three tracks, including the traditional program and the two new offerings. The programs share a core group of online college courses that focus on communication, leadership skills and ethical decision making.

The institution added the concentrations to its online MBA program in order to meet the current needs in today's economy. An increasing number of businesses are expanding their operations to serve a global market, and federal healthcare reform has reshaped the insurance coverage process for many corporations.

Scholars who pursue the healthcare concentration will learn about human resources and information management. These courses may benefit individuals who have earned their public administration degree online and wish to run for a political office.

The global business speciality includes classes on international financial management, cultural environments and business law. This degree may appeal to professionals who hold an online paralegal degree.

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