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What is an Arts and Humanities Associate Degrees?

Whether you walk to the beat of a different drummer than the throes of business graduates climbing the corporate ladder or merely want to broaden your horizons in a field that interests you, 866MyMajor has several exceptional arts and humanities associate degree programs to meet your needs. 

Why a career in arts and humanities?  Because the challenges are there for those who wish to accept them.  From teaching and music to social services and economics, there are many wonderful career opportunities in arts and humanities fields, all of which can be extremely rewarding.  “But what about getting paid?” you ask.  A recent study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, authored by economist Diana Gehlhaus, shows that entry level salaries for arts and humanities graduates are commensurate with those from more financially associated fields.  In fact, the study found that most important skill employers consider when searching for new employees is the ability to communicate, and that most employers consider an arts and humanities degree to be indicative of superior communication skills. 

If you are searching for accredited online or campus based associate degree programs in art and humanities, 866MyMajor has you covered.  Every program featured on our site is fully accredited and brought to you by a college or university dedicated to student success.  No matter which arts and humanities program you are interested in, you can browse confidently knowing that any option can help you launch your career.  Don’t delay your future, get started today with your online provider the best education has to offer,

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