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What is a Bachelor in Humanities?

Arts and humanities covers a lot of ground, and the affiliated colleges and universities featured on 866MyMajor can introduce you to all of it.  From communications to sociology, the sheer width and depth of career paths associated with arts and humanities is staggering.  If you want to know more about obtaining a bachelor degree in arts and humanities and the great employment options it can provide for you, you’ve come to the right place. 

Arts and humanities includes the study of anthropology, art, communications, culture, history, language, literature, music, performance art, philosophy, religion, visual arts and much, much more.  It is not, as often heard, a one way career path toward becoming a teacher, although many educators have an undergraduate education in an arts and humanities related discipline. 

An arts and humanities bachelor degree can give you the critical thinking and communication skills employers are looking for, making you eligible for a variety of high paying, rewarding positions in the business world and all sectors of the job market.  What you learn in college can be applied to multiple professional careers for which a dedicated skill set may or may not be required.  Think of positions such as human resources director, department head, manager or municipal, state and government social services professional and you’ll quickly realize how an arts and humanities bachelor degree can give you the skills to handle the daily functions of these very important positions with ease. 

As with all bachelor degree programs featured on 866MyMajor, the arts and humanities educational opportunities on our site are provided by fully accredited colleges and universities.  Browse our listings and request more information today.

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