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Associates Degree - Baking and Pastry

Associates Degree in Baking and Pastry

Baking and Pastry Degree Associates Degree
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Le Cordon Bleu Le Cordon Bleu
Le Cordon Bleu  Baking and Pastry Degree Program

Founded in a long tradition of excellence, Le Cordon Bleu’s reputation has endured by...

Keystone Technical Institute Keystone Technical Institute
Keystone Technical Institute Baking and Pastry Degree Program

Choose Keystone Technical Institute for Your Career Training!


A Baking and Pastry Associate Degree program will prepare students to become bakers and pastry chefs. Graduates with an Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry can use their degree to obtain an immediate position in the field, or they may choose to pursue further study in related fields. An individual will learn knowledge and skills needed to create pastry and baked good creations for restaurants, hotels, and private customers. A Baking and Pastry Degree can be earned at top-ranked colleges and universities nationwide.

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