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Culinary Arts Associates Degree
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What is a Culinary Associate Degree?

Food isn’t just a way to a man’s heart.  It speaks to the soul of every man, woman and child whose palette ever made a value determination on what tastes good and what falls short.  We not only take pride in preparing it, we include it in our most important events and ceremonies, from briss’ to bar mitzvahs to weddings to wakes.  But more than sustenance, symbolism or celebration, we mostly use it to bring people together, whether strangers meeting for the first time from far across the globe or families discussing the day’s events.  No matter what the circumstances, we all appreciate a well prepared meal from a fine chef, and thankfully, the popularity of culinary training has figuratively made the world our oyster.  If a career in food preparation is of interest to you, 866MyMajor has the culinary associate degree programs to get you started. 

Culinary training is intense and very hands on, which is why most culinary programs run at or less than two years in length.  Graduates often choose to become head chefs at finer restaurants and bistros upon completion of their training, but many will take lower paying positions to intern under renowned chefs and some will find investment partners and start their own restaurants.  No matter which path you have in mind, the culinary associate degrees featured on our site will give you the skill sets to make it happen. 

Browse our culinary associate degree programs and request more information on those that interest you.  In a short time, you could be delighting the palettes of family, friends and friends you’ve yet to meet.

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