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Cyber Crime Degrees Help Students Understand Online Criminal Activity

Cyber Crime Degrees Help Students Understand Online Criminal Activity

Wednesday, Oct, 16, 2019 11:57AM

As the internet is making information increasingly accessible, cyber crime has become an ongoing issue on a global level. Criminals are able to steal individual's identities and financial information through personal accounts and also by targeting larger organizations, including governmental groups and banks.

A way to handle these online transgressions is by teaching some individuals how to ethically hack into computer systems. These methods have been introduced in classrooms around the globe to show students how their criminal justice degrees may thwart cyber crime.

Experts say that if students are instructed on how to hack into computers, crime may be better understood and addressed, which may diminish the percentage of offenses occurring internationally.

Several accredited institutions throughout the country offer criminal justice degrees with concentrations in cyber crime studies. For example, a school based in New York provides students with courses and college programs online. The bachelor's level criminal justice program allows students to pursue careers in the cyber crime industry with the backing of a postsecondary degree.

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