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Liberty University Liberty University
Liberty University Divinity Degree Program

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Carolina College of Biblical Studies Carolina College of Biblical Studies
Carolina College of Biblical Studies Divinity Degree Program

Carolina College of Biblical Studies was established in 1973. We educate followers of Christ to...

Explore World Religions and Theology - Get Your Bachelor's in Divinity

If you’re looking to delve into the many untold details of theology and religion then a Bachelors in Divinity may be what you’re looking for. Divinity degree programs help educate students on past and present theological theories, and take students through the many historical texts that make up today’s religions. Being a Bachelor’s level degree you’ll find yourself analyzing religious and theological texts fairly extensively; to the point where you’ll be able to truly understand what the texts are depicting rather than the very basic, sometimes even incorrect, understanding most people have.

As far as career options go a Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity opens many pathways. The degree program will prepare you for a career in religion – this field of study is very common among ministers. Aside from the educational and possible employment benefits a degree in Divinity provides, a degree in Divinity also improves you spiritually, giving you a much better understanding of your religion and others. Overall Divinity is a very fulfilling field of study, and isn’t too time consuming if pursued online.

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