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What is an Associate Degree in Education?

What can you do with an associate degree in education?  An associate in education degree will give you the credentials to work as a teacher’s aide and help you in pursuit of a bachelor degree that, with the right state certification, will allow you to join the ranks of the teaching community nationwide.  Teacher’s are commanding better salaries than in previous years and the move toward private schools by many parents has created far more lucrative opportunities for those with a few years of experience.  Teachers in most areas of the US also enjoy one of the best vacation plans in any type of employment.  What separates teaching from other jobs the most, however, is that it allows the opportunity to shape the minds of tomorrows leaders today.

Education is vital to our future, individually and collectively.  It’s the cornerstone of civilization and doesn’t materialize by accident. It takes the hard work and concerted effort of some of our most brilliant and patient minds to guide the world’s youth through the process of learning.  Those who take it upon themselves to meet this challenge understand that it isn’t always easy, but it can be more rewarding than any other career option at times.  

If you have a teacher within you, take the first step toward the career you were meant for with an associate degree in education from an accredited college or university.  866MyMajor features several educational programs at the associate level, all of which can help you decide how to shape your career in academics.  Browse our offerings and request more information today.  Once you decide on a program that fits you, you’ll be on your way toward a job you’ll love.

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