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What is an Associate of Engineering?

Engineering is a fascinating field that presents a difficult problem for anyone interested in making a career of it, but it’s a great  choice to have to make.  Deciding which discipline of engineering to study is like deciding which flavor of ice cream is best.  All have their strong points and all present an opportunity to be part of the design and development of something new, from medications to skyscrapers to machinery and beyond.  Build a career in the exciting field of engineering with an associate of engineering degree from the accredited colleges and universities featured on 866MyMajor. 

An associate of engineering will introduce you to the specializations of industrial, mechanical and structural engineering.  One of the best benefits of obtaining an associate degree is that it will provide you with enough knowledge of each discipline to make an informed decision regarding your educational future, provided you are interested in one of the aforementioned disciplines.  Of course, this option won’t expose you to every possible specialization in engineering, but it does encompass the most popular.  Those interested in chemical engineering should pursue a bachelor degree chemistry, after which they can undertake postgraduate program. 

866MyMajor offers free information on associate of engineering degree programs from accredited colleges and universities across the U.S. You can browse our available options and request more details from the educational providers whose programs interest you.  Remember, an education is valuable once completed, so the sooner you get started, the sooner you could be on your way toward a rewarding career in the engineering specialization of your choice.

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