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What is an Engineering Certificate?

Engineering is a generalized term that can be applied to a multitude of educational programs, jobs and industries.  What all engineering has in common however, is the art and science of creation.  Engineering, not more purely artistic endeavors, was the delight of DaVinci, the triumph of Tesla, the conquest of Carnegie, the…well, you get the point.  If creation is your cup of tea, an engineering certificate is a great place to get started on the educational pursuits that will help you create your next masterpiece.  866MyMajor offers several engineering certificate programs to choose from, most of which can be completed in less that one year. 

Engineers positively affect our lives in so many ways, from the software and hardware they create to the buildings, bridges and levees we use to conduct business, commute and keep safe from the elements.  For someone interested in a career in engineering, the first step is to decide what area of engineering specialization is of interest.  The choices are many, and an engineering certificate program is an excellent introductory educational option fro any of them .  Some areas of engineering such as structural and mechanical are only available through bachelor degree programs, but other options like AutoCAD and industrial engineering are available in short course formats. 

Get started today on the certificate program that can serve as your introduction to the wonderful world of engineering.  Click on the links above that interest you and request more information today.  You’ll be contacted by a university representative who can help you decide if a career in engineering is the right choice for you.

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