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Environmental Studies Masters Degree
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Concordia University Online Environmental Studies Program

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Pursuing a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies

For students who wish to pursue advanced environmental studies, a masters degree in environmental studies can open up many career opportunities. Graduates of this degree program will be prepared to work on solutions to difficult environmental problems faced by today's society such as, air pollution problems, recycling solutions, acid rain, car pollutions, and ozone concerns among many other pertinent environmental problems.

The student will take advanced studies such as, chemical treatment procedures, public health issues, environmental statistics and research, atmospheric studies, and solid waste engineering among many other environmentally related studies.

The increased need for solutions to environmental problems will keep the outlook for jobs within environmental studies favorable. Jobs might be available to qualified applicants through private industries, universities, and the government. Every industry is concerned with becoming environmentally aware, so the job opportunities within this occupation should continue to grow.

Possible environment-related jobs are available for graduates of the masters degree environmental studies program such as: an environmental scientist, hydrologist, environmental studies teacher, soil conservationist, geologist, and many other environmental related occupations. Most environmental teaching jobs require a post-graduate environmental degree such as the masters degree in environmental studies.

Students who graduate this degree program can truly make a difference in the environment and improve living conditions for those around them. Engineers with an environmental degree help make sure building and structures are environmentally safe. They also find ways to reduce the amount of energy used for operations along with reducing energy emissions and promoting environmental friendly practices such as using recycled materials.

All aspects of society have a need for an improved environment. Environmental studies graduates can find jobs where applied environmental knowledge is necessary in many occupational fields including politics, economics, law, pollution control, waste management, and any other area where environmental concerns exist.

The masters degree in environmental studies can be completed by students in the traditional university setting or through an online university. There are advantages to each method of learning and the choice should be based upon the preference of the individual student.

* Program and course descriptions vary per school. They are provided to give a student a general idea of what the degree/course program is. In addition, salary information provided is only an estimation, and may vary per state and per field.
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