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Golf Course Management

Golf Course Management

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Why Study Golf Course Management?

An online course of study in golf facility management is a highly specialized and somewhat rare area of education that few students consider when choosing a major. As a result, the need for qualified course management professionals is at an all time high. If you have an interest in golf, love the outdoors and can t imagine being behind a desk day after day, a course of study in golf facility management may be the perfect academic path for you.

From the clubhouse to the fairway, the tee to the turf, managing a pro level golf facility requires an intimate knowledge of recreational management principles and practices. Golf is a game, but big business as well, and facility owners need professional course managers to provide direction for grounds keeping, clubhouse and front office personnel as well as financial administration of the course s intake and expenses.

If a course of study in golf facility management interests you, consider an online degree program from the affiliated colleges and universities featured on By requesting more information, you ll be contacted by an admissions advisor who can help you determine if a course of study in golf facility management is right for you.

For those currently employed but looking for a career change that involves their personal interests, an online course of study in golf facility management will allow you to further your education through distance learning without compromising your current employment obligations. You can study whenever it s convenient and from wherever internet access is available.

Request more information today on the golf facility management programs available through A career centered around the sport you love could be just a click away.

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