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Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management

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An Online Bachelor in Hospitality Management Degree program is designed to prepare individuals for management careers in restaurants, hotels, casinos, and all areas of the tourism industry. Students are educated on a broad range of business management fundamentals relevant to the hospitality industry. This Hospitality Management Degree program focuses on a variety of skills for the hospitality business to help students develop a firm understanding of the business principles and procedures of the hospitality industry. An Online Hospitality Management Degree can be earned at top-ranked online colleges and online universities nationwide. 

Starting salaries with a degree in Hospitality Management varies. A graduate can get an average of $28,600-$51,000 per year to start.

* Program and course descriptions vary per school. They are provided to give a student a general idea of what the degree/course program is. In addition, salary information provided is only an estimation, and may vary per state and per field.
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