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Mount St. Mary’s Online Liberal Arts Degree Program

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An Online Associate in Liberal Art Studies Degree program prepares an individual to advance their knowledge within many fields by solving real-world problems through the application of social science theory and practice. The Liberal Arts Degree prepares students, with the specialized knowledge, management skills, and strategic business focus they need to confront the challenges that are natural in managing today's related organizations such as Psychology, History, or Sociology. An Associate in Liberal Studies Degree program will provide you with a balanced liberal arts curriculum, while also exposing you to the study of three areas: Psychology, History, or Sociology. By providing you with a strong foundation in these three areas, you will be prepared for situations that require an understanding of the psychological, historical, and sociological issues associated with our society today.. An Online Liberal Arts Degree can be earned at top-ranked online colleges and online universities nationwide.

An average starting salary with an Associate Degree in Liberal Art Studies is about $33,300 per year. Experience in the field may be required to earn the starting salary.

* Program and course descriptions vary per school. They are provided to give a student a general idea of what the degree/course program is. In addition, salary information provided is only an estimation, and may vary per state and per field.
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