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What is a Metal Work Courses?

Whether as a hobby, to create a new business venture or to find employment in the field, a metal working certificate program is an exceptional choice for those who enjoy the thrill of creation.  From jewelry makers to parts manufacturers, some of the wealthiest people on earth have made their fortunes through the refinement, shaping and production of metal goods.  Of course, people such as Carnegie and Mittal, the well known steel magnates and industrialists, would be included in that list, but there are many who have made sizeable profits from the invention and mass production of one, simple part.  Think of Floyd Rose’s tremolo, Nichola Tesla’s spark plug or Karl Benz’ carburetor and you’ll see what I mean.  If you think the next great metalworking invention is within your grasp, metal working courses from the affiliated educational providers featured on 866MyMajor could be your ticket to fame and fortune. 

Even if you aren’t the next great inventor to use metal as your creative clay of choice, there are many exciting opportunities within the field of metal work.  Machinists, pressers, stampers, tool and die makers and many industrial professionals got their start in the field of metalworking, as did several of the most heralded jewelry and accessory  designers, aircraft designers and engineers.  In truth, when it comes to metal working, the sky is the limit. 

If you have an interest in working with metals and alloys, metal working courses can show you the various techniques for smelting, molding, machining and fabricating with a wide variety of materials as well as how to perform repairs on existing items.  You’ll also learn the basics of welding, arc welding, soldering and even heat treating various surfaces for better strength and durability.  Browse our selection of metalworking programs and request more information today.

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