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What is an Online Social Science PhD?

With today's hectic day to day schedules that so many working professionals are accustomed to, an online social science PhD program offers an exceptional option for earning a doctorate degree while continuing to meet your financial and familial obligations.  866MyMajor specializes in providing free information on a wide variety of social science PhD program opportunities from some of the best online universities in the United States.  Each social science PhD program degree program featured on 866MyMajor is fully accredited, assuring you of a quality education that you can be proud of.  With thousands of social science PhD program opportunities in different specializations to choose from, it’s easy to take your education to the highest level with 866MyMajor.

The advantages of an online social science PhD program are many, with convenience and flexible scheduling the most obvious.  For working adults, social science PhD program can make a big difference in the amount of time it takes to complete a degree program and improve your career.  Traditional campus based programs limit you to classes that are available at times when you are available, which can hamper your progress and turn a two year PhD into a conflict between work, family and education.  All online social science PhD program degree programs from the affiliated universities featured on 866MyMajor are fully accredited and offer faculty that share the same credentials and meet the same educational requirements as campus based instructors. 

An online social science PhD program can provide you with the skills and knowledge to effectively present yourself as a valuable commodity with a top tier education in the open job market.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you can enjoy all that a PhD can provide for you.

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