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What is a Travel and Tourism Courses?

Marco Polo would be envious of the average traveler in today’s globally connected world, where almost anywhere you can imagine is no more than a half day’s journey.  Perhaps it’s the ease with which we can reach far away destinations that makes the lure of exploring new cultures, architectures, foods and customs so much more inviting than even 30 years ago.  One thing is certain, leisure travel is not only becoming a favored pastime for many, but has grown in to a multi-billion dollar industry as well.  If the travel and tourism industry is on your horizon, 866MyMajor has the courses that will take you there. 

The travel and tourism industry is loaded with exceptional jobs in a wide range of fields, from business travel coordinators and airline reservation specialists to travel event planners and hotel concierges.  Almost every worldwide destination is near a luxury hotel, airline or other travel commodity and many are owned and operated by US companies.  In fact, it is estimated that the US businesses hold the largest market share of travel and tourism dollars spent on hotels outside the continental US worldwide. 

It’s no secret that the travel industry has plenty of opportunities, but because travel is becoming such a competitive business, the qualifications for jobs with airlines, hotel chains, booking agencies and even online travel venues are more strict than ever before.  Travel and tourism courses from the affiliated colleges and universities featured on 866MyMajor can help you meet those qualifications and put yourself in line for a career you’ll truly enjoy.  Browse our travel and tourism courses from the link above and request more information today.

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