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What is a Travel and Tourism Certificates?

The Travel Certificate program has much to offer that few other vocations can deliver, including the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people regularly, insider travel deals and the kind of worldly knowledge that only comes from being a part of the greater word in which we live.  If you feel that travel, tourism and the pursuit of global interaction are a part of your future, a Travel certificate is an excellent way to get started on a career in the travel and tourism industry. 

From business travelers to sightseers and beyond, there are no shortage of travelers in the modern world.  While their reasons for leaving home may be different, their needs upon arrival at any destination are the same - comfortable, safe accommodation, cuisine and help in finding what they seek. Those who provide these necessities are the heart and soul of the hospitality industry, and their contributions are not only vital to the travel industry, but greatly appreciated by those who find themselves far from home. 

866MyMajor can help you enter the exciting field of Travel and Tourism through an accredited trade certificate program.  You’ll learn the vocation of your selected area of specialization and can then find employment with one of the many worldwide hospitality enterprises in either the accommodation or food and beverage industries.  We feature only accredited programs from respected colleges and universities, helping you to get an education you can depend on to help you find the right position after graduation.  Browse our hospitality trade certificate programs and request more information today

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