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Why Study Welding? is your online educational resource for the some of the best welding schools in the trades industry. 

From metal fabrication to outrigger repair and beyond, welders are vital to the production and maintenance of the machinery that keeps the world running.  Additionally, unlike many other trades, welding has multiple specialization opportunities for those interested in enhancing their skill set for better employment opportunities.  DC and AC, flux core, gas tungsten, gas metal, shielded metal, plasma and submerged arc along with electroslag, MIG and TIG welding are some of the specialization options for those entering the trade.   

There are many options for someone interested in a career in welding, but few can offer the technical training and certification of an accredited welding school such as those found on  In fact, when it comes to technical training schools in a wide variety of fields, 866 offers more educational opportunities than almost any other destination on the web.

To learn more about welding school options, click on the link above.  You can request information that will help you decide if an accredited welding school is the right choice for you.  As with any potential career opportunity, it pays to know the facts so that you can make a more informed decision regarding your future.

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