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College programs online cater to criminal justice professionals

College programs online cater to criminal justice professionals

Wednesday, Dec, 5, 2018 02:42PM

In the coming years, approximately 85,000 new jobs for police and detectives are expected to be created, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Individuals who wish to launch careers in this fast-growing field may want to consider enrolling bachelors programs at campus-based or online schools that can prepare them for the real-world challenges of this field.

However, traditional courses of study may not be enough to help these degree seekers compete in this ever-changing field. Today’s criminal justice professionals are required to adapt to emerging technology that can help them catch criminals, or deal with electronic wrongdoings.

In response to these trends, many campus-based and online colleges are creating new offerings, such as cyber crime degree programs, while others are expanding their current courses of study.

For instance, a Virginia-based school recently announced the launch of a new bachelors program in criminal justice administration that will allow degree seekers to explore the aspects of the field that intrigue them, the Orlando Business Journal reports.

Enrollees will work in cohorts of students who share similar interests and career goals. They will complete individual and group projects, and participate in weekly class meetings and online chats.

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