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Accredited college helps students keep loan debt to a minimum

Accredited college helps students keep loan debt to a minimum

Sunday, Aug, 20, 2017 05:13PM

Students financing their degree programs may be concerned about lingering student loans that have to be continually paid, even after graduation. However, online universities can offer the benefit of cutting out various college costs for students while they are finishing coursework in higher education.

This method of completing degree work can omit the need for hardcover textbooks that is sometimes a significant expense. Taking courses online also passes over room and board fees because students may take classes from anywhere that offers online access.

An institution based in Georgia recently graduated more than 200 students from their online school. What was unique about these graduates is that none had accrued any student loans to be carried out past graduation due to the school's special payment program.

Experts from the school say students who work towards keeping their student loan debt manageable can focus on their future careers and use their salaries towards other important expenses.

The Georgia-based college offers bachelor's and master's degree tracks such as criminal justice and business administration exclusively online, according to the institution's website. It has a rolling enrollment policy and students may take courses full-time or part-time.

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