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Online college coursework prospects continue to grow

Online college coursework prospects continue to grow

Tuesday, Aug, 22, 2017 01:41PM

While traditional campus universities are a mainstay of the U.S. education system, some experts say that the online learning is becoming more popular. According to, many prestigious universities in the city of Boston are offering classes online, which may eventually turn into degrees that can be earned exclusively on the internet.

Clayton Christensen, an author who recently published a book on the future of higher education, told the news source that universities may be evolving at a rapid pace due to demands for more online learning opportunities. According to Christensen, as technology progresses, universities will be able to give students who may otherwise not be able to obtain a degree while living on or near a school campus more options for their education.

Massachusetts has a program sponsored by some of its state schools that hosts a network of degree opportunities that allow students to further their education in nursing, criminal justice and business. This is adding new opportunities for students to earn degrees without using traditional schools. Although these state universities offer traditional campuses, their online degree tracks are gaining popularity as more students turn to higher education to better their careers.

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