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School offers new online master's program for students interested in criminal justice

School offers new online master's program for students interested in criminal justice

Thursday, Aug, 24, 2017 05:12PM

Students interested in law and the social justice system may wish to pursue a career in public safety. With a master's degree in criminal justice, students find that more opportunities are available in this field once higher education is obtained. Recently, an accredited university based in Illinois introduced a degree track that can be completed exclusively online that was once only available to students on campus.

The pioneering program is one of the first of its kind, connecting educational coursework in criminal justice administration with other classes that focus on social and ethical issues centered around criminal behavior.

Professors from the institution say many graduates of the program who took it on campus have gone on to have successful careers in law enforcement, human rights and social justice. Those involved in the new online program say they are confident that students who take the internet coursework will experience the same positive results.

The choice of two separate paths is available to students who enroll in this two-year master's program. Specific aspects of Homeland Security is the focus of the first, while the second degree track centers on the more general criminal and social justice classes, including options in white-collar crime and the rehabilitation of prisoners.

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